Louis Liu
Noodle Box Palm Beach Franchise Partner

Do you have a burning passion for food, place consumers first, can easily adapt to new systems, have a positive growth mindset and robust financial and business acumen?


Noodle Box has been built on a deep love of food, culture and family. We have led the way in bringing the vibrant flavours and diverse culture of Southeast Asia to Aussies everywhere. With over 70+ franchise restaurants across Australia, we are your first choice noodle brand. We are proud to have a unique business model and dynamic food offering that has supported our growth for over 25 years.

When you join the Noodle Box family, you are joining a family that is people first, your success is our success. It is our purpose and dedicated mission to enable the dreams and aspirations of our franchise partners. We will work with you hand-in-hand as you embark on your journey towards building your own profitable business that fits with your family and lifestyle.

Are you ready to turn your burning passion into a reality?
I'm so proud to be a franchisee of Noodle Box Brand. It includes extensive FP's training and online staff training, best ever support, guaranteed working virtual brands, easy to operate and at the end of the day very good profit margin and this consistency flows from top to down.
Chermside Franchise Partner
I have been a Noodle Box Franchise Partner for 3 years. The growth in sales over this time has been phenomenal. I have been able to achieve the financial security I have always dreamed of! The Noodle Box team are constantly finding ways to grow our sales, it has truly paid off!
Stones Corner + Cannon Hill Franchise Partner
The support was excellent, for the first four weeks we had someone with and being my first business I needed that support.
Toowoomba Franchise Partner
For every brand there are 3 things that are very important for success: consistency, innovation and resilience and Noodle Box is good at all of them.
Chermside Franchise Partner
Individualised business support & training excellence
Established iconic Australian brand with 20+ year rich heritage
Proven operational systems & processes
Original product innovation & supply chain diversification
Affordable franchise model in high profile locations
Sales focused national & local area marketing initiatives
A new Noodle Box restaurant ranges between $200,000 - $250,000 + GST, dependant on size location, existing infrastructure, and contributions from landlords. This investment covers everything required to open the restaurant including franchise fee, all plant and equipment, comprehensive training programs and ongoing operational and marketing support. In addition to this, you will need to budget for working capital, start-up stock and local area marketing.

Please note that you will also need to supply a bank guarantee to the landlord (normally equivalent to 3 months rent) at the beginning of a lease term)
Yes, you will have access to at least 50% of the purchase price of the business. You may have this in actual cash, funding from family and friends, equity in your home/ investment properties or a combination of all of these. Please be aware that we will request proof that you have access to these funds throughout the franchise recruitment process.
After finalising your approval to become a Franchise Partner the next steps are to finalise the location and lease negotiation. From there its onto design, layout, and construction of the restaurant and your training. This process can vary but on average is 3 - 6 months.
No. Previous experience as a chef or managing a retail business is a great advantage and the preferred way to becoming a Franchise Partner however our extensive training program and years of experience will help you to operate your franchise business successfully.
The typical hours are 11.00am-9.00pm, 7 days, although in situations where there are good business reasons for alteration (restaurant specific) these hours may vary.
That would usually be the case and our experience is that the most profitable and well-run restaurants are owner operated. We do have an expectation that our Franchise Partners are working hands on in their businesses.
Landlords sometimes offer a financial contribution towards the fit-out costs during lease negotiations. Any contribution amount that is secured will be fully passed on to you and will reduce the investment required.
This relies on the growth and profitability of the business under your ownership, and therefore we cannot predict or guarantee what your returns may be. We will provide you with a financial planning guide to assist with your preparation of a business plan and budget forecast.
Noodle Box requires that all prospective Franchise Partners obtain competent legal, business and accounting advise before entering the franchise documentation to ensure a full understanding of the obligations. You are also welcomed to talk with other Noodle Box Franchise Partners already in the system.
Yes. Your Franchise Agreement gives you the opportunity to employ your own staff, but if you have any problems, our training team can assist with and offer advice on how and where to advertise for new staff members.
The risk involved in participating in any reputable franchise system should be significantly less than the risk of proceeding in a similar business on our own. Any retail business involves risk and Noodle Box cannot predict or guarantee the sales of a particular restaurant or its profitability.
Noodle Box is accredited as an Approved Franchise System with two equipment finance providers who can offer various finance options and packages for Franchise Partners who qualify. Alternatively, you are free to obtain financing for the purchase of the franchise from the source of your choice.
Yes, you will need to hold either Permanent Australian Residency or be an Australian Citizen to purchase a Noodle Box.


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